positioning statement

Actors Centre Australia aims to be a ‘best-way’ company. This entails finding and utilising the best systems, solutions, communication channels and outcomes for all ACA employees and clients: all of which are reflected inside our daily interactions and operations.


To welcome, equip and empower everyone we connect with in the understanding and expansion of their artistic responsibility and contribution and the attainment of their personal and creative goals.

Why?  Because ACA believes in the transformational capacity of performance and we honour the calling of all who wish to enter the industry at whatever level and in whatever capacity their contribution may take.

ACA also believes in high-quality community engagement through facilitating a venue which makes a vibrant, varied and meaningful contribution. To do this ACA commits to providing the highest quality creative education and an inclusive environment for all staff, students and clients to work within and succeed.

ACA Values

  1. Respect and support
  2. Empathy and honesty
  3. Operating from a position of high integrity
  4. Providing outstanding value.
As a team we are committed to being;
  1. connected: on the same page and sharing a common goal
  2. responsible: anything which is lacking or missing for anyone we commit to talking to someone who can directly do something about it
  3. supportive: valuing our shared contribution and offering assistance at all times.

We share these values with all students, clients, staff, community members, directors and our board, so everyone knows what they can expect from us.