Alexander James Spinks

Company 2016


Since moving to Sydney from the Hunter Valley in 2013, Alexander worked swiftly to gain some work in the field of his passion before preparing for his main goal of undertaking professional training. Having just completed production on the independent film Bathing Franky  (dir. Owen Elliott, written by Michael Winchester, 2012) he managed to get featured extras work on Deadly Women  and worked on several short films before being cast in the Sydney Shakespeare Festival's double bill of King Lear and Measure for Measure (dir: Richard Hilliar, Old Fitz) as Oswald and Claudio, respectively. After being accepted into the Actors Centre Australia he has had the absolute pleasure of being taught and directed by some of the premier acting teachers and directors in Australia. His years' productions have yielded such roles as Luke Boyce, (The Marvellous Boy, dir. Andrew Lloyde & Jamie Irvine), Khlestakov (The Government Inspector, dir. George Ogilvie), Antigonus (The Winter’s Tale, dir. Adam Cook), Don Jon (Much Ado About Nothing, dir. Adam Cook), both Austin and Lee (True West, dir. Gale Edwards), Hatcher ( Sweet Bird of Youth , dir. Gale Edwards), and Dodge (Buried Child, dir. Gale Edwards). As well as acting Alexander has a passion and many years of experience directing, teaching, writing, designing and operating lights, sets, and sound. Alexander is excited, terrified and thrilled to be thrown back into the creative world and believes he is well equipped and prepared enough to forge his unique path forward.