Claire Oehme

company 2015



Claire's passion for the creative arts began at a young age as a music lover singing along with her Dad's rock band. Her drive to perform continued throughout high school where she sang in musicals and where her love for the limelight started to develop, inspired by her high school drama teacher Lachlan Philpott.
Her curiosity to understand human behaviour led her to study Psychology at University of Wollongong and spend a year in Spain on exchange where she became fluent in the Spanish language. She then decided to pursue acting more seriously at Actors Centre Australia where she has had the pleasure of furthering her skills and exploring the human experience through many amazing projects.

Highlights include the role of Becky in The Heidi Chronicles, directed by Kevin Jackson, where she explored the theme of women's empowerment; writing and performing her own stories in the self-devised Night Circus, directed by Anthony Skuse and Samantha Chester; delving into Chekhov with the role of Masha in Three Sisters, directed by Stefanos Rassios; and digging her teeth into Hamlet's Gertrude and Richard III's Duchess of York with Jenny West and George Ogilvie. 

Claire is thrilled to be graduating and looking forward to diving head first into creating new work and collaborating with fellow artists.