Lauren Richardson

company 2015


Lauren has always been drawn to playing a variety of different roles. Up until six years of age, her standard reply to the question: “What would you like to be when you grow up?” was marine biologist in the morning and pink fairy in the afternoon. These career paths didn’t quite work out, but luckily Lauren discovered her passion for the dramatic arts in high school when she was accepted into the NSW State Drama Company.

After finishing school,Lauren commenced study at Macquarie University, taking up a Bachelor of Creative Arts with Honours in Performance Studies. Simultaneously, Lauren began exploring screen acting, filming commercials, lending her voice to the ABC documentary “Kokoda", and playing guest roles on Channel Nine's “Cops LAC” and W Channel's “Spirited.” Playing Desdemona in Sydney Shakespeare Company's "Othello” rekindled Lauren’s love of the stage, prompting her to pursue training at ACA. Lauren has had the pleasure and privilege of working with directors such as Anthony Skuse, Sam Chester, Jennifer West, Andrew Lloyde, Cristabel Sved, George Ogilvie, Dean Carey, Adam Cook and Kevin Jackson. During her two and a half years of training, Lauren has relished the opportunity to play a variety of different roles. Credits include Viola, "Twelfth Night", Babakina "Ivanov", Carol "The Lady from Debuque" and Amanda "The Glass Menagerie". 

Lauren is excited to be entering a profession where her love of the written word, theatrical image making and human connection marry to create meaningful expressions of what it means to be human.