Mia Corsini Lethbridge

company 2014


Originally from Melbourne, Mia's passion for theatre began from a young age. She began her training at St Martin's Youth Theatre, participating in several productions and classes spanning over a six year period. Mia also discovered an interest in television and film, obtaining a role in ABC's mini-series “The Slap”.
She moved to Sydney in 2011 and took part in a variety of workshops and master classes for film and television. She was honoured to take part in several short films, such as Peter Multari's “Loop”. In 2012 Mia was accepted into the Actor's Centre Australia, where an exciting and rewarding time ensued. Some of her highlights include “The Vanishing Point” directed by Sam Chester, “A Comedy of Errors” directed by George Ogilvie and Jennifer West, and “Oleanna” directed by Adam Cook. Mia has also recently discovered a passion for being behind the camera- writing pieces she hopes to direct.